How to Avoid Bracken (Flower Man) in Lethal Company

Learn how you can escape the Flower Man in Lethal Company.

by Christian Bognar
Avoid the Flower Man in Lethal Company
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One of the scariest encounters you’ll have in Lethal Company is Bracken, also known as the Flower Man. This terrifying foe is quick and hard to deal with, so learn how to avoid him with this guide, as it will include tips and tricks.

Best Way to Escape the Flower Man in Lethal Company

The Flower Man in Lethal Company resembles a human and a plant, hence the name “Flower Man.” The way you deal with him is unique compared to other enemies in the game, as the Flower Man will only move towards you when you are looking away. This means that to avoid the Flower Man, you must look at him while moving backward. He will quickly move towards you once you turn around and take your eyes off him. If you must look away, make sure it is only for a brief moment.

Playing co-op while going against the Flower Man is the best way to go about this encounter. Since co-op is allowed in Lethal Company, you can have one player keep their gaze on the Flower Man while you or another player gives directions (to the player looking at Flower Man) on how to move backward. Following this method will prevent the Flower Man from closing the gap on you. Eventually, you and your friend(s) will get far enough to make the Flower Man forget about you.

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I found the best way to approach the Flower Man solo is running. Periodically sprint, turn around and look at him to stop him in his tracks, and then sprint again. Repeat this process until you find safety.

Remember, though, that even if you lose the Flower Man, you will eventually meet him later in your playthrough. Once you meet again, follow the methods mentioned above until you lose him.

Can You Kill the Flower Man in Lethal Company?

At the time of writing, it is undetermined if you can kill the Flower Man in Lethal Company. Considering the equipment you get in the game is pretty weak, it looks like it isn’t possible to kill him, and instead is all about strategy and finding a way to escape.

- This article was updated on November 13th, 2023

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