How to Beat Asgore as a Pacifist in Undertale

Can players avoid battling the king of the Underground?

by Marc Magrini


By now, millions of people around the world know about Undertale. Touted as an RPG where no one has to die, it gained massive popularity throughout the world of gaming by allowing players to win battles without fighting. Even so, many players will likely still be playing Undertale for the first time in the coming years, especially thanks to the growing popularity of Deltarune, the free follow-up to Undertale. As they travel through the game, they’ll eventually come face-to-face with Asgore Dreemurr, king of the Underground. Should players opt to complete the game without killing, it might be difficult to tell how they can beat Asgore as a pacifist.

How to Beat Asgore as a Pacifist in Undertale

Most pacifist players might ignore the Fight button in Undertale completely. However, many enemies can be weakened through fighting and spared when their health is low. Asgore relies on this as a central mechanic of his fight. It’s possible to spare him, but you cannot win the battle against Asgore without fighting. You will need to deplete his health until it’s low; only then will you be allowed to spare him. The fight can be avoided altogether after exploring the secret laboratory, but that location only becomes available after defeating Asgore once.

Because a pacifist player will need to fight Asgore at LV 1, they might be in for a very tough battle. Thankfully, there are strategies that can be used to mitigate this difficulty. Talking to him during the fight will eventually lower his attack and defense by one stage. If you kept the Pie from the start of the game, it can be eaten during the fight to lower his abilities further. Finally, although the player is given the Worn Dagger and Heart Locket in the New Home, it might be better to use more defense-oriented equipment from Waterfall. This includes the Torn Notebook, Cloudy Glasses, and rare Temmie Armor.

Players should ensure they have many healing items as well. The Legendary Hero consumable can increase attack, making it surprisingly valuable for the fight against Asgore. Outside of this setup, pacifists simply need to learn how to avoid Asgore’s attacks. Players on consoles such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, or Nintendo Switch might benefit from mixing d-pad and analog stick usage for quick and precise movement. Withstand this king’s powerful onslaught and it won’t be long before you can continue your pacifist journey!

Undertale is available on PC, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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