How to Beat Super Hard Mode in Roblox DOORS – How to Beat All Entities

There's nothing more terrifying than fruit and keys.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Image: Doors

The ever-popular DOORS Roblox horror experience has a brand-new Super Hard Mode, offering its toughest challenge to date. While this update is part of the game’s April Fool’s Day celebrations, this new mode is full of brand-new entities that are absolutely no joke. From deadly keys to classic creepypastas, this is how to beat every Entity in Doors’ Super Hard Mode.

How to Beat Every Entity in Doors Super Hard Mode

Image: Doors

Make sure to stock up on Holy Hand Grenades, Mini Shield Potions, and Large Shield Potions, all items exclusive to Super Hard Mode. While the NVCS-3000 X-ray sounds fantastic, allowing you to see through walls, it can’t actually be purchased.

Evil Key

The Evil Key will attempt to dupe you in the first room, instantly killing you when you try to pick it up. Ignore the Evil Key and pick up the real key near the fireplace.

Banana Peels

Watch your feet as you progress through DOORS’ Super Hard Mode, as Banana Peels are scattered throughout various rooms. They won’t move or kill you but will harm you for 10HP if you walk over them. There’s nothing scarier than fruit, right?

Jeff The Killer

Returning nightmares of children with internet access in the early 2000s is Jeff The Killer, a roaming Entity inspired by the creepypasta of the same name. Use the Holy Hand Grenade — Super Hard Mode’s version of the Crucifix — to kill Jeff before he stabs you and deducts a painful 70HP.

Subspace Tripmine

Subspace Tripmine is Super Hard Mode’s version of Dupe, killing the player if they open the door containing the neon pink entity. Like Dupe, the Subspace Tripmine will display the incorrect number of the next room on the door. To prevent yourself from dying, remember which room you’re currently in and only open doors displaying the correct number of the next room.


Greed is a giant set of sharp teeth that’ll chomp away 190 of your HP if you summon it. To prevent Greed from spawning, you’ll need to stop channeling Ariana Grande and quit being greedy. Loot slowly, or you’ll entice Greed and even allow it to grow bigger.

Seek’s Truck

Seek works in mostly the same way, except he’s also decided to throw a moving truck at you. Sprint through the halls as usual, avoiding the truck nipping at your heels like you’re Sonic the Hedgehog in the first level of Sonic Adventure 2.

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- This article was updated on April 3rd, 2023

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