How to Beat the Brute Boss in Dead Space Remake

Here's how to take down the reoccurring mini-boss.

by Christian Bognar
Dead Space Brute

The Dead Space Remake is here; with it comes all forms of beasts to take down, some easy and some very challenging, especially for newcomers. One of the more difficult bosses will show up numerous times, and that is the Brute beast. The Brute is fast and strong and can only be damaged in a specific spot making these battles even more difficult. If you need help with the Brute boss on the bridge, we have a guide for you as we will walk you through how to beat this boss easily so you’re prepared for future encounters.

Tips to Kill the Brute Boss in the Dead Space Remake

The first thing you need to realize about the Brute is that it will take zero damage if you shoot it from the front. So players need to use stasis on the beast, and while it is slowed down, sprint behind and shoot the glowing pores on his back (shown in the picture below). Once the Brute recovers from the stasis, use your stasis again and repeat the process until the beast finally falls to the floor in defeat. We have found the Plasma Cutter to be the best weapon for these fights, with high accuracy and power. Make your way to a store and buy a few Stasis Modules if you find yourself dying a lot and missing your first shots. This way you can recharge during battle for a second chance.


Once you understand how to beat the Brute, you should have no trouble taking it down in future encounters. Always use stasis, flank it, and shoot the glowing pores to take it down effectively. The Brute is too quick for you to get behind it and shoot the pores without slowing him down. If your stasis doesn’t last long, you can always use nodes at the bench to improve your suit and raise your stasis duration, giving you more time to shoot out the beast pores. Increasing your stasis duration is an intelligent choice, as this upgrade could give you a significant advantage in New Game Plus.

The Dead Space remake is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 29th, 2023