Is There New Game Plus in the Dead Space Remake?

Or will this be added in a future update?

by Elliott Gatica

It seems that nowadays, so many of the single-player games we play do not come with a New Game Plus mode at launch. This feature somehow comes back as a content update later down the line. Luckily, not every title does the same thing. With the Dead Space remake that just came out, does it also skip out on New Game Plus, or is it in the game? Here’s what we know below.

Is There New Game Plus in the Dead Space Remake?

To those who want to play the game even longer without deleting your save data or using a new account, there is, in fact, a New Game Plus mode in the Dead Space remake. This can be found by going into your trophies or achievements and finding the “Trusted Contractor” achievement. 

It also seems like you can replay New Game Plus more than one time. There are other achievements like “One Gun” where you have to beat the game only using the Plasma Cutter. That would conflict with other achievements/trophies that would require you to kill x number of enemies with a certain weapon. 

Additionally, there is a secret ending to the game that can only be achieved by completing it on New Game Plus. This requires you to collect items only available in the mode, so you’re definitely going to be running Dead Space a few times. 

Not to mention, there are trophies and achievements tied to the difficulty modes. The Impossible difficulty comes back, unlockable by initially beating the game at least once on any other mode. If you’re going for that 1000 Gamer Score or the Platinum trophy, this mode will eat up a lot of your time and sanity.

Luckily, with how New Game Plus works, your inventory, including weapon upgrades, will carry over. While this should make Impossible runs easier, there is a great risk that awaits you if you die.

The Dead Space remake is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023