How to Become a Professor in BitLife

Time to be an academic in-game!

by Gordon Bicker

Bitlife players will no doubt aim for trying to discover as many career paths as possible for their characters whether working to be a famous DJ or even taking on the role of a Professor. There are plenty of opportunities available to you in this game so it is definitely worth trying out as many of them as you would like. This article will inform you of how to become a Professor in BitLife.

Becoming a Professor in BitLife

If you are wanting to live out an academic path of life in the experience then becoming a Professor will certainly allow you that opportunity for one of your characters. Firstly, you have to get that specific character to the age of eighteen by simply going through the normal stages of life with them. However, while your character is growing up be sure to keep their intelligence even higher by reading a lot of books. After this, you will need to go to university, where you can choose any course which piques your interest. That could be Biology for example and you can proceed through university covering loans that you need to pay.

After graduating, you will need to then go to work in a job that is similar to your course from the university. Now all you have to do is stay in that role for at least ten years at which point you will get the opportunity to apply to be a Professor. This is when you can simply proceed to pass the interview with flying colors no doubt and then you can continue onwards in your character’s life as a Professor.

Are There Any Quicker Ways to Become a Professor?

Unfortunately in order to become a Professor you will indeed have to follow all of the steps aforementioned. Regardless of whatever career choice you choose which is in a relevant area of study, you will still have to work your way up the chain to eventually get the opportunity to be a Professor. When you eventually get there you will reap all the benefits of being one such as a higher salary than usual for most jobs.

After you have become a Professor, maybe you might even want to have a party in the game to celebrate the achievements you have made.

BitLife is available at this very moment for iOS and Android.

- This article was updated on February 12th, 2023