How to Party in BitLife

Get your groove on!

by Kara Phillips

You can complete a huge variety of activities in BitLife that will impact your character’s stress, happiness, and health stat. While many players will take the relaxing route of tending to a garden or enjoying the company of a loved one, the option to go out partying and clubbing is also something to consider if you’re looking for something slightly more intense to take the edge off. A few challenges you’ll face if you’re trying to unlock the coveted Superstar Mode will require an amount of partying before you can complete the challenge, so if you want to know how you can successfully party in BitLife, read on.

How To Make the Most of Partying in BitLife

Although the option to go clubbing in BitLife seems like the method to go partying, it won’t count toward any goal explicitly stating you need to party. Instead, you’ll need to go to your friends list under the relationships tab and select your chosen fellow partygoer. Once you’ve selected your plus one, you’ll find an option labeled ‘Go to a Party’ or ‘Party with Them,’ which is your key to success. When you select this option, a bar representing your enjoyment and your plus ones’ enjoyment will appear and explain how successfully you enjoyed the party scenario. Of course, each time you attend a party, you’ll have a different outcome, so keep an eye on your enjoyment if you participate in several events in one sitting.

While you attend parties with your friend, you may be offered a drink now and then, which can lead to an in-game addiction if you agree each time. So, while parties seem like a lot of fun the first few times you go, they may lose their charm when they start putting your character’s health at risk. In addition to potential addictions, things like Hook-Ups and fights are relatively common scenarios you may face when attending parties, so be prepared to see sides to your friends you don’t expect.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on February 6th, 2023