How to Build the Fastest Elevators in Minecraft

Shoot yourself to the top with these elevator builds!

by Christian Bognar


Minecraft builds that include an elevator is an advanced technique that allows you to maneuver around your map at a fast pace. When you dig massive mine shafts and build giant structures, going up and down quickly is crucial. If an elevator doesn’t go fast, then there’s no point in having it. Our tips for building Minecraft’s fastest elevators reflect that. These designs below are straightforward since they require a minimal amount of resources, and we can assure you these elevators will have you shooting to the top as fast as possible.

How To Make The Fastest Elevator In Minecraft

There are several creative choices players can make when it comes to building anything in Minecraft. Some take longer than others, and it’s no fun taking too much time to get an essential elevator up and running. So below are our tips to avoid tedious designs and instead create fast elevators that don’t take too long to put together.

Resources Needed For Elevator #1 – Slime

It is possible to design elevators based on Water, and Slime bounces. Using Soul Sand, Kelp, and Water is one of the fastest ways to build an elevator. A bubble column created by Soul Sand in Water shoots anything moving into it upward.

Creating Slime Elevator

The easiest way to create this elevator using these resources is to drop Water into the elevator shaft at the top of the point you want to build, then return to the bottom. Once you have planted Kelp up to the top, return to the bottom and repeat the process. As a result, all the above water blocks are converted into water sources once you break the Kelp. Lastly, create an up or down elevator at the bottom with either Soul Sand or Magma blocks.

Being launched or bounced by Slime blocks is often the best way to move between two points. Also, these slime blocks are a great way to reduce damage from great heights, making them the perfect elevator for your massive buildings. Players can use pistons to catapult upwards toward the top of their building by pushing slime blocks. Obsidian Blocks will not attach to slime, so it’s the perfect opportunity to use them as frames.

Resources Needed For Elevator #2 – Mine Cart

This next elevator is built from mine carts and ladders up against your building. Mine carts are great for getting around and they surprisingly can be used to shoot yourself upward like an elevator at a fast speed. You can right-click to jump into these carts from a good distance, allowing you to get to your elevator quicker as well.

Creating Mine Cart Elevator

Creating this elevator is reasonably simple, and it doesn’t take too long to get it up and running. First, build a base, or a wall, where you want your elevator to be and stack mine carts on top of each other with a few blocks between each cart. To stick the carts to the wall you built, you will want to use the ladders in your inventory, locking them in place. This elevator design will allow you to quickly click through each cart, shooting yourself to the top of your building. It is very efficient.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2022

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