How to Change Camera Angle in NBA 2K23

Are you wanting to change the camera angle today in NBA 2K23?

by Gordon Bicker


NBA 2K23 is another entry in the long-running franchise and there are always players making their way to various games of the series to enjoy some good old basketball for the day. Of course, with the vast amount of content you can work your way through you may find yourself diving immediately into the game when you get your hands on it. This means that you may not notice you can tweak a few settings here and there that you may think about altering later down the line. This guide article will take you through how to change the camera angle in NBA 2K23.

Changing the Camera Angle in NBA 2K23

Thankfully the process is nice and simple for altering the camera angle in the experience. The best way to do it is while you are in the middle of a basketball match go to the options/settings by pausing the game. You will want to navigate to the ‘Camera Options’ section. While you are there, you will observe a lot of varying names of settings such as ‘Key Zoom’, ‘Height’, and more. However, by utilizing the bumpers on your controller/indicated keys on your PC in the black bar section at the top of the box you will be able to change the overall camera angle.

There are lots of different camera angles to swap between so begin flipping your way through them and work out which camera angle works best for you. It’s your game after all so make sure it’s a camera angle style that you want to be playing with. Time to get playing some basketball with the team that you want to while viewing it in a style you prefer. Other settings on the camera options area can also be tweaked to what you’d like them to be for you in the game.

NBA 2K23 is available at this very second for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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