How to Change Outfits in Harvestella

Fashion isn't everything, it seems...

by Kara Phillips

From the start of Harvestella, you will be able to change your character’s hair color, appearance, and pronouns, but there’s nothing to suggest you can shake the default outfit your character comes wearing. In fact, fashion seems relatively void in Harvestella, which is unusual for a game that focuses on the player experience. Of course, outfit choice doesn’t play a massive part in the title, and you can do most things without a second thought about what you’re wearing, but it’s still nice to dress to impress. So read on to find out if and when you can change your outfit.

Can You Change Your Outfit in Harvestella?

The only way players will be able to change their outfits in Harvestella is by changing Jobs. Each Job has a different outfit with different weapons to utilize in battle, rather than players having access to extensive weapon shops and potential wardrobe changes. So while the options are limited, at least there is the potential to alter your appearance somewhat. That being said, you will need to progress through the game before you can start thinking about changing jobs, so your default outfit may accompany the first few hours of your adventure.

To start a new job, you must befriend a character with that Job first. Each character you meet will have unique preferences, which you will uncover as you develop your friendship with them, similar to the majority of farming-based games currently on the market. The best way to increase friendship is to complete character-specific quests for each person you meet. These will develop your connection while exposing some valuable information about them you can utilize later in the game. Once you’ve befriended someone with the Job you want, you can join the cohort and sport the outfit, and you will never have to look at the default clothing again.

Harvestella is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2022

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