How To Change Treasure Flag In Dragon Quest Treasures

Found a new flag? Learn how to change it here!

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers embarking on the ultimate journey for gold and glamour in Dragon Quest Treasures will need to ensure that they have a stylish calling card when they finally get their hands on the Soul Gem of their current realm. Players can obtain new Treasure Flags to show off their unique style and hunting skills, but they may not know what they have.

As gamers continue to push forward in their quest for glory and treasure, unlocking and using their new Treasure Flags will let players show off their victories and swag. But, how do players go about updating their current Treasure Flag with something new? Thankfully, it’s much easier than finding gold scattered around the world.

How To Update Treasure Flag In Dragon Quest Treasures

Once players have progressed far enough into the story to unlock the Main Treasure Base, players will find themselves entranced with a cutscene, declaring their new base ready to function. And to have a proper base, players need a proper Treasure Flag.

When first setting up their gang, players will only have one flag available. However, as players work their way through the world around them, they’ll be able to find newer and more detailed Treasure Flags that can bring their morale to an all-time high.

Players hoping to change out their Treasure Flag to something a bit more exciting will need to visit their Home Base. Once they have gotten back to their home away from home, pressing Up on the D-Pad will put gamers into the Gang Menu. Once inside, players can access and find the Treasure Flag option and select their new favorite flag to fly proudly over their home base.

Players hoping to jump into a turn-based adventure may find that this is not the adventure they’re looking for. However, the more action-based approach brings a new level of excitement to the origin story of a fan-favorite character from the most recent Dragon Quest adventure.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 12th, 2022