How to Complete A Spark of Hope Quest in Destiny 2

Learn your way around Destiny 2 and get rewarded!

by Tom Cunliffe

A Spark of Hope is an excellent quest for players new to Destiny 2 (colloquially known as New Lights). Not only does the quest introduce core mechanics and characters of the Destiny 2 universe to the player, but it also rewards them with a powerful Exotic weapon. Here’s how you can complete Spark of Hope and earn the powerful Riskrunner submachine gun.

How to Start A Spark of Hope in Destiny 2


To start A Spark of Hope in Destiny 2, talk to Commander Zavala in The Tower. He is the bald-headed, blue Titan gazing over The Last City, North West of where you spawn into The Tower. If Zavala does not offer you the quest, it can be found in the Quest Archive via the Terminal, which is located to the left of Postmaster Kadi 55-30. Once the quest has been retrieved, progress can be tracked in the Quests tab in your Director. If you find yourself lost, both Zava and the Quest Archive can be found on the map.

How to Complete A Spark of Hope in Destiny 2

The first step of A Spark of Hope in Destiny 2 is to talk to Commander Zavala, which you should have already done to begin the quest. Next, speak to Ikora Rey found in the Bazaar section of The Tower. Opening the map, hovering over Ikora, and adding a Waypoint will add a diamond to your HUD, guiding you directly to her. Unfortunately, Hunters currently don’t have a Vanguard representative, as their previous one — Cayde-6 —was killed in the now-removed Forsaken expansion. After speaking to Ikora, you will need to visit Devrim Kay in the EDZ.


Devrim Kay is located in the Trostland section of the EDZ. The EDZ (short for European Dead Zone) is a separate Destination from The Tower and can be flown to via the Destinations menu. Once you have selected the Trostland Landing Zone, head inside the Church directly in front of you and ascend to the top, where you will find the charming marksman, Devrim Kay. Devrim asks you to clear out three Lost Sectors; Terminus East, Widow’s Walk, and Atrium.

Lost Sectors are hidden areas found in most Destinations, marked with two arches and a circle. Each Lost Sector is filled with enemies and a boss, with a cache being awarded when the boss is defeated. Lost Sectors scale with your Power Level and are easy to complete by yourself, but you are free to bring friends along if you wish.

Atrium, Terminus East, and Widow’s Walk Lost Sectors


Atrium can be found in the church itself. Jump down from the platform Devrim is on and head straight forward, stopping before the final set of pillars. To the right, there will be an open hatch. Head down the hatch, through the tunnel, and complete the Lost Sector by defeating the boss and opening the Cache.


To find Terminus East, head out of the church, past the entrance to Atrium, and turn directly East. Run over to the building with rusted panels, and you should be able to spot the Lost Sector symbol on the wall. Crouch or slide under the door and continue forwards through the tunnel to start the Lost Sector.


Widow’s Walk is directly West of the church’s exit and Terminus East’s entrance. You will find the Lost Sector symbol sprayed on a wooden plank outside of a building. Enter the building and go through the open door on the right, making your way through each open entrance until you reach a flight of stairs. Make your way down and follow the path to start the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector.


Return to Devrim with the map fragments you found in each of the Lost Sector Caches you looted. This will open up a separate quest, Risk/Reward, which is required to complete A Spark of Hope. Open up the Cosmodrome Destination in the Destinations menu. A new activity titled Risk/Reward will now be available, which you need to complete. This activity is easy enough to complete by yourself, and you will be guided the entire way through. By the end of the activity, you will have been rewarded Riskrunner, an electrifying Exotic submachine gun.

Once you’ve completed Risk/Reward, return to Zavala in The Tower to complete A Spark of Hope and receive a nice new Emblem. If you’re looking for another Exotic weapon to add to your Destiny 2 collection as a New Light, the Halo-inspired Forerunner Exotic sidearm should be next on your list.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2022

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