How to Complete All Ally of the Bear Tribe Side Quests in Diablo 4

Help out the Bear Tribe in Diablo 4 to earn some exclusive Titles.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Diablo 4 Glacial Peak
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Players who finish all Ally of the Bear Tribe side quests in Diablo 4 are rewarded with the Titles The and Bear. Both have incredible potential for amusing or badass combinations with other Titles in the game, as demonstrated by Nafina Magic Bear, the Rogue we use throughout this article. This guide details how to begin and complete each Ally of the Bear quest in Diablo 4, as well as boss strategies and tips based on our experience.

How to Complete Shattered Tribute in Diablo 4


To start the Shattered Tribute side quest, head to the Bear Tribe Refuge in Fractured Peaks and speak to Sena. She asks you to collect Ice Clan Bones to prove you’re worthy enough to talk to the chieftain, as if slaughtering countless demons to get there isn’t enough. The recommended level for Shattered Tribute is 14 and above.

Head into the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon, which is a short walk North of the Refuge and marked on your map. Any enemy with “Ice Clan” in their name has a high chance of dropping Ice Clan Bones, which must be picked up like a regular item.

While it’s completely optional, we also recommend clearing out the Skeletal Constructs down here to unlock a Boss Battle with the Khazra Abomination. Beating him will reward you with the Blood-bathed Aspect, which improves the Necromancer‘s Blood Surge ability.

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How to Complete The Beast’s Challenge

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Speak to Greganoch in the Bear Tribe Refuge to begin The Beast’s Challenge. He tasks you with killing Kauller the Collector, who can be found wandering the area North of the Refuge highlighted on your map.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Kauller has a hard-hitting frontal cleave attack you need to dodge, but he’s kind enough to give you plenty of time to do so. After being initially mauled in the face, I had no trouble taking him down when I remembered how to dodge. Return to Greganoch and mount Kauller’s head on the spike next to him for a job well done. Lovely.

How to Complete Hammer of the Champion in Diablo 4

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The recommended level for Hammer of the Champion is Level 22, as you will be dealing with a Stronghold. This quest is also given to you by Greganoch in the Bear Tribe Refuge, so if you can’t see it yet, progress the campaign and come back later.

Unlike previous Diablo games, Sanctuary is entirely open world with non-linear Acts, so you can return to any side quest anytime. Just remember to activate the Waypoint to travel back easily once you’re at a high enough level.

When ready, pin the Malnok Stronghold on your map and follow the path heading South. On your way there, take out the Elite goatman to obtain a Quest Item you can hand in for crafting materials and a chunk of XP. Again, this is optional, but every little helps in Diablo 4.

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Once you’re in Malnok, walk to the center to find a rather large goatman protected by a storm shield. Follow the direction of each beam and kill the Ice Clan Stormcallers. The Stormcallers are easy to kill, but they’re all protected by a small army of goatmen and an Elite enemy that scales higher than your current level.

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How to Beat Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion in Diablo 4

Now that the Stormcallers are dead return to the middle to fight Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion. This boss is no more challenging than anything you will have fought in Act One or Two, but it does require a lot of movement.

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Frosthorne’s main attack is his forward cleave, which damages anything in front of him and spawns a volley of three ice projectiles. Evade away from the boss to avoid both, as getting hit will freeze you. You can’t heal when you’re frozen; I’ve tried.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Unless you want to end up like my character in the above screenshot, you should also avoid the circles on the ground. Don’t stay in one place too long, avoid fancy visual effects, and whittle the boss down in between — classic Diablo gameplay.

Rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine, now marked on your map, to reclaim Malnok. The area will now be utterly devoid of enemies and permanently have a healer and a few vendors. Your quest is far from over, however.

Rimescar Cavern

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With Malnok reclaimed, it’s time to head to the Rimescar Cavern Dungeon by climbing the small cliff in the North-East. Inside, you must find and destroy three Sacrificial Flesh guarded by hordes of enemies you know all too well by now.

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Avoid the white swirling circles that spawn on the ground, as they’ll freeze you if you stand near them long enough. You should also use AoE spells carefully around Sacrificial Flesh, as frozen skeletal enemies will unthaw if you damage them in any way.

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With all three Sacrificial Flesh down, continue into the Uncharted Depths of the Dungeon. This is where you’ll find the Grizzly’s Maul you need to complete the quest. As Diablo 4’s dungeons are procedurally generated, we can’t detail its exact location, but look out for any bloody pikes you can loot.

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With Grizzly’s Maul in hand, you can head back to the Refuge and finally complete the quest — but since you’re already here, we recommend completing the Dungeon. Avoid the Khazra Abomination‘s frontal attacks and pools of nasty ooze, and you’re good to go.

Grizzly’s Maul is yours after completing the quest, which is great if your character is a class that can use two-handed Maces. Mine is not, but gold is gold.

How to Complete Call of the Ancients

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With Hammer of the Champions complete, you are finally worthy to speak to the Bear Tribe’s chieftain, Glous. If it took massacring hundreds of demons, conquering two Dungeons, and a Stronghold just to talk to him, he better have something worth saying.

Luckily, Glous gives us the final quest in the Bear Tribe questline, Call of the Ancients. He wants you to help him clear yet another Dungeon, Glacial Tunnels, accessible within the Bear Tribe Refuge itself.

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Explore the Glacial Tunnels until you reach a locked door. Delve even further into the Dungeon to find Sakoth The Fleshless, kill him, and retrieve his Bloodstone. Return to the door, place the Bloodstone on the pedestal, and get ready to face the boss.

How to Beat Cyrhrach The First Born Ancient

Cyrhrach The First Born Ancient is the first boss I’ve died to in Diablo 4. The fight isn’t particularly complex by any means, but his projectiles hit hard.

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Glous will tank Cyrhrach when in range, but you’ll need to avoid his ghostly missiles throughout the entire fight. These are incredibly annoying and will constantly follow you until they dissipate.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Cyhrach will also launch even more projectiles in a circle around him periodically, which you need to avoid simultaneously. Damage him as much as you can in between running around like a headless chicken, and pray to the High Heavens if you’re a melee class.

Once Cyhrach is defeated, talk to the very frozen Kravett on the ground once again to complete Call of the Ancients and the entire Bear Tribe questline. The reward (a few potions) and conclusion are pretty lackluster, but both “The” and “Bear” titles are now yours to equip.

This guide was written while playing Diablo IV ver 0.10.0 on PC.

- This article was updated on June 1st, 2023

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