How to Complete Eyes of the Storm Boss Level in OlliOlli World: Void Riders

Tackling the Eyes of the Storm boss level!

by Gordon Bicker


OlliOlli World: VOID Riders has numerous new levels for you to happily work your way through including new boss levels that are sure to have you skating with glee once again. One such level is within the Burntrock Zone after you complete at least two of the three main VOID Rider levels that are within the area. This guide article will take you through the process of how to complete the Eyes of the Storm boss level in OlliOlli World: VOID Riders.

Completing the Eyes of the Storm Boss Level in VOID Riders

When you start playing the Eyes of the Storm level for the first time you will notice that things are slightly different as you are met with what can only be described as a fortress of Tractor Beams as you begin to skate forward into action. You will be going back and forth between these Tractor Beams in what I call several ‘runs’ when you get turned around and go back through them.

The main objective is to collect 14 cow piñatas that are within the level. There are some outside of the Tractor Beam but the majority are within the beam area. As some tips, you will need to be timing your upwards lift by grabbing your board at the right time correctly so that you don’t smash into any of the walls in the bean area and have to restart. The best strategy that I personally found was to focus on the piñatas in the upper half of the beams first.

When you do this, you will get a chance at the end of the beams to begin your landing back to the ground and hit into the piñatas outside of the beams. Afterward, you can begin focusing on the beams again but this time for the lower section of them. Small taps of grabbing your board here is going to be key for getting into the correct place for collecting them as you can then quickly get between the walls/rocks before crashing into them.

You will have collected all of the piñatas in no time and venturing through the excellent DLC once again after successfully avoiding those pesky walls!

OlliOlli World is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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