How to Complete Fishing Gear in Escape From Tarkov

What kind of fish does this gear catch?

by J.T. Isenhour

Peacekeeper is one of the last traders that you will unlock quests for in Escape From Tarkov and his first quest of Fishing Gear is quite the introduction to the trader. This quest is one every player wants to complete on their first try as messing it up can cost them a fair bit of roubles to try again. Let’s go over how to complete Fishing Gear in Escape From Tarkov.

How to Complete the Fishing Gear Quest in Escape From Tarkov

On the surface, this quest is quite simple. You just need to bring some items to a location and stash them, the same as Delivery from the Past and Golden Swag. Unlike those quests, Fishing Gear will require you to bring in some larger items to the raid. Here are the steps for the quest:

  • find the boat hidden next to the breakwater on Shoreline
  • Stash 1 sniper rifle in the boat
  • Stash 1 multitool in the boat
  • Survive and extract from the location

While the quest is quite vague about the items you need to stash, you are given them when you first accept the quest. In your messenger, you can grab the items from Peacekeeper. Those items are an SV-98 sniper and the Leatherman Multi-too. They are what you will be stashing on Shoreline.

While it is easy to safely get the Leatherman in and out of a raid in your secure container, the SV-98 won’t fit in there. This means you will need to carry it into the raid on your back and stash it. On the off chance you die before you stash it, you will need to rebuy the sniper. Most players can only get the sniper from the flea market when they accept the quest, so it can be costly to lose it.

You can try to insure the sniper rifle and hope that no one takes it if you do die, but don’t hold your breath since even AI scavs will pick up weapons on the ground if they find them.

In order to stash the items, you will need to go into a Shoreline raid and make your way down to the burning gas station on the south side of the map. Across the street from the gas station, you should see a breakwater in front of some changing stalls on the beach. Right up next to the breakwater is the boat you need to place your items in.


At the boat, you should have a prompt to interact with it to plant the items. Hold down the interact key to begin placing them. You should have a timer come up on your screen to show you how much longer until you place the item. When the timer is finished, one of the two items will be planted. You will want to very quickly open and close your inventory to bring back up the prompt and being placing the second item.

This is the most nerve-wracking part of the quest as it is out of your hands. You will need to sit still for around a minute while out in the open and your back turned toward any enemies. With some luck though, you will be able to plant the item uninterrupted. Once they are planted, you just need to extract from the raid.

The raid you survive and extract from does not need to be the same raid you plant the two items. Once the items are planted, you don’t need to do that again.

Here are the rewards for completing this quest:

  • 4,800 EXP
  • Peacekeeper Rep +0.02
  • 700 Dollars
  • 735 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 1
  • 805 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 2
  • 1× UNTAR helmet
  • Unlocks purchase of SIG Sauer ROMEO4 reflex sight at Peacekeeper LL2
  • Unlocks purchase of Springfield Armory M1A 7.62×51 rifle at Peacekeeper LL2

Escape from Tarkov is available in beta only on PC.

- This article was updated on January 6th, 2023

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