How to Complete the Vox Obscura Quest in Destiny 2

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by J.T. Isenhour

Every few seasons, we get an exotic quest in Destiny 2. With the release of Witch Queen and the first season of the year, we received the Vox Obscura exotic quest that would give players the Dead Messenger exotic grenade launcher. However, completing the Vox Obscura quest will require some tight timing and knowing exactly what to do. Let’s go over how you can complete the Vox Obscura quest and exotic mission in Destiny 2.

How to Complete the Vox Obscura Quest in Destiny 2

Before you can begin the Vox Obscura quest, you will need to complete the first few steps of the Season of the Risen’s questline. This shouldn’t take too long as it is just the first week’s worth of missions that cover the basics of the seasonal activity. This can help you get some of the seasonal weapon blueprints as well.

After you have completed some of the quest steps for Season of the Risen, you will be handed the Vox Obscura quest at the HELM. The quest is quite simple as all it asks you to do is complete the Vox Obscura exotic mission in the Witch Queen Throne world area. After you have the quest you will be able to see this mission and select it.

The exotic mission itself is quite a bit different from the exotic mission you used to have to do to get Dead Man’s Tale, as this mission has a hard set time limit that has you racing against the clock. The timer doesn’t start immediately, as you first need to break into a Cabal base and see what is going on.

After you have run through the base, you will come to a couple of Cabal Interceptors. You will need to ride one of them and use it to break open a blast door back into the open world. Once you have broken open this blast door, you will begin the timer that will run for the rest of the mission. The timer will be extended as you complete parts of the mission, but you will want to be prepared and keep the wandering to a minimum as the time limit can be strict.

After you have blown open the door, you will have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to clear out the airfield. To do so, you will need to kill a goliath tank, then call in a tank of your own to destroy three signal towers.

Killing the tank is easy, just make sure to aim for the thrusters for maximum damage or ram into them with the interceptors to one-shot them. Once you have killed all the tanks, you will need to call in a drake and use it to destroy the shields and cores of three signal towers. You will need to kill two more tanks before you can damage the signal towers. Once you have handled the tanks, you will need to destroy the three generators around each tower to bring down the shield. Then you need to shoot the core with the tank to destroy the tower.

Once the signal towers are gone, the timer will stop so you can take your time clearing out the rest of the enemies and make your way inside the base. Once inside the base you will find a rally flag that will signal the start of the second half of this mission and the second timer.

For the second part of the mission, you will need to hack three consoles. These consoles will be marked on your HUD so you don’t need to wander around to find them. Each console will be guarded by an unstopable champion, a miniboss, and a commander. So be prepared to deal with all of them at each console.

Once you hack the three consoles, you will need to rush in and fight the final boss. This is a standard psion boss fight with three phases. Each phase change will have the boss going invulnerable and you need to defeat three channeling psions around the room. They will be in large bubbles, so you will need to melee them to kill them.

You will have 10 minutes to complete all of this. Which means you need to be fast. The console hacking shouldn’t take more than a minute or two as long as your fireteam can split up and each person can handle one console. The final boss fight isn’t too hard. Just be carful to not get over run by ads and turrets in the arena.

Once you complete the boss fight, you will have earned yourself a Dead Messenger. To get the catalyst for it, you will need to come back and do the mission on Master mode. This adds a bunch more enemies into the mix, so make sure you have a well corridinated fireteam to handle it.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on January 18th, 2023

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