How to Cook Fiddlehead Pie In Tower of Fantasy

If you do the cooking by the book...

by Kara Phillips


Cooking in Tower of Fantasy is an excellent way for players to regenerate lost health, alongside providing several alternative buffs to their performance. Luckily, the game has many recipes for players to master. While playing around with ingredients and throwing them into the cooker, you may find a few food items you haven’t seen before. Unfortunately, due to this game providing little to no hint or recipe, aside from in special events, cooking is in the hands of the player. So you may need to take whatever help you can get. Read on to find out how to unlock the Fiddlehead Pie recipe.

How to Unlock the Fiddlehead Pie Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

Unlocking the Fiddlehead Pie recipe is simple. The initial recipe consists of nine brown rice and six fiddleheads. Upon placing these into the cooker, you’ll receive a 100% success rate of unlocking the Fiddlehead Pie recipe. The ingredients will decrease in quantity the next time you make this pastry instead of requiring so much. After discovering the recipe, the next time you bake, you will need a base amount of two brown rice and two fiddleheads.

You can also substitute both ingredients for less of one and more of the other, which is perfect for any player who doesn’t have many Fiddleheads to spare. Though doing this, you’ll sacrifice a certain percentage of your success rate. If you don’t want to sacrifice your success rate, head to Banges Factories and start searching for them. Brown Rice is a lot easier to find and can be found scattered across Raincaller Island.

Several recipes are available for players to unlock in Tower of Fantasy, including the similarly named Fiddlehead Soup and the slightly fancier Caviar Potato Balls. All of which provide different boosts and buffs for your character. Consuming the Fiddlehead Pie will regenerate ten satiety to your character. It’s a two-star rare food item, so it’s worth making whenever you can.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

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