How to Create Special Replicas and Secret Builds in NBA 2K23

Find out how you can unlock Special Replicas!

by Kara Phillips


Even though taking on the role of the new kid on the block is fun in NBA 2K23, fans of the franchise will want to take on the part of their favorite stars. Luckily, players can finally do so with the new addition of replica builds in the release. With the launch of special builds, players now have access to creating some of NBA’s most iconic players, but without the correct information, this can be a challenge in itself. Read on to find out how to create Special Builds.

How to Unlock Special and Secret Builds in NBA 2k23

The process is incredibly easy for fans waiting to create their favorite players. The first step to unlocking a Special or Secret Build in NBA is knowing the ins and outs of the player you’re trying to create. Features like height, weight, and wingspan are crucial to unlocking a build, and any difference in the accuracy will not unlock the form. Alongside this, you’ll need to select the correct Takeover Skills to unlock a particular replica.

Once you’ve selected and input the correct features of a character, given everything is right, you’ll receive a notification stating that “you’ve created a special replica of” when you pass character creation and go into the team selection screen. In addition, the unlocked special replicas will go by a nickname whenever they aren’t in a game, which is another signifier that a build has been successfully created.

There are numerous potential special replicas to base your MyPlayer on, and it’s not looking like the limit will be capped there. Special Builds are an exciting addition to the NBA franchise, and many players enjoy creating the stars. So even though it takes a lot of grinding and effort to unlock the necessary information from existing players to re-create special builds, they are worth the effort.

NBA 2K23 is now available on Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.

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