How to Deal With Forest Keepers in Lethal Company

Learn how to deal with the horrifying Forest Keepers in Lethal Company.

by Christian Bognar
Lethal Company Forest Keepers
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Lethal Company has terrifying creatures, with some who give you more trouble than others. The Forest Keeper is a frustrating monster known for its speed and deadly attacks, so we created this guide to help you deal with this challenging foe.

Best Way to Avoid the Forest Keepers in Lethal Company

The Forest Keeper in Lethal Company is a tree-like monster that can sprint towards players incredibly fast, making it challenging to avoid. You can deal with the Forest Keeper in a few ways to make the encounter more manageable. First, you will need the proper items: Stun Bombs, Jet Pack, and TZP Inhalants.

When you first encounter a Forest Keeper, you will want to throw a Stun Bomb in its direction to immobilize it and prevent it from sprinting at you. Next, use the Jet Pack to fly above the Forest Keeper and move in the direction that creates distance between you and the monster (preferably towards shelter). When the monster recovers from the Stun Grenade, throw another one, stun it again, and use the Jet Pack to fly away.

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Repeat this process until you reach safety and get away from the area where the Forest Keeper resides. As for the TZP inhalant, you can use it to increase the speed of your character, allowing you to dodge any attack that the Forest Keeper throws at you. The inhalant is especially helpful in avoiding the monster’s sprinting attack. This should be the last case scenario, considering the TZP Inhalant is a very rare item, and there is a small supply in the whole game of Lethal Company.

Now that you know how to deal with the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company make sure you know how to get the items mentioned to help with the encounter. We have a complete guide on all the equipment in the game, explaining how to get and use each, so make sure to check that out in preparation.

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2023

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