How to Dive in Fall Guys on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Switch

Fall with a little more direction.

by Noah Nelson


With its acquisition from Epic Games, Fall Guys is now free to play. Along with it being free to play, there are new challenges, new game modes, and more costumes to enjoy. With Fall Guys getting the same love Epic Games gives to Rocket League and Fortnite, Fall Guys has a new community that is alive and well since the game is so fun. Though the controls are fairly easy, one of the most important ones is the dive. Here is how to dive in Fall Guys no matter what platform you are on.

How to Dive in Fall Guys

Whether you are trying to complete all of the Abstergo Challenges or just trying to earn more Show Bucks by progressing on the Season Pass, you’ll need to know how to dive. No matter if you are playing a Race, a Hunt, or any other game mode, the dive in Fall Guys is important. With it, you can survive each round by reaching that jump pad, crossing the finish first, or jumping through the last hoop.

Whether you are on an Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or a Switch, diving in Fall Guys is quite simple and similar on each platform. Here are the buttons correlated to diving in Fall Guys for each platform:

  • Xbox – X Button
  • PlayStation – Square Button
  • Switch – Y Button
  • PC – Ctrl Button

The simple dive move is great and all, but sometimes it doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you need to perform a super dive move. To do that, press the jump button and then the dive button. You will get more airtime which will allow you to get over obstacles, reach where you need to, and access the ledge you need. If you master the dive and the super dive, you’ll be great at Fall Guys!

Fall Guys is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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