How to Do the Nuke Skin Glitch in CoD MW2

The hardest skin to get in the game.

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To say that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a stable game is an understatement. New glitches are found every update and some are used for exploitive purposes. Whether it’s using the Revive Pistol glitch or the infinite money dumpster glitch, many still are in the game. One of the more popular ones is to get the Nuke skin — or the Apparition skin for the Rangers I operator — so here’s how to get it in MW2 legitimately and apparently through a glitch.

How to Get the Nuke Apparition Skin in MW2

Standard Nuke Method

The legitimate way to get the Apparition skin is to obtain a nuke in Warzone. It’s a lot harder than it sounds since there are multiple steps to obtain one. You have to win five games in a row and then take on that Champion’s Quest contract, which only puts a larger bounty on your head.

Follow the steps from that contract and in no time, you have obtained yourself a nuke. Should anything mess up on the way there, you will have to redo the entire thing again. Of course, once you land a nuke, you will get the Apparition skin which should be worn as a badge of honor for pulling that off.

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There have been discussions about there being a glitch in which you can get the said “Nuke Skin” in the game without doing all the hard work. People have reported that they got it, so this is all we know regarding it.

Is the Nuke Skin Glitch Still Possible?

It doesn’t seem like the notorious “glitch” for getting this skin is viable. You may have come across dozens of YouTube and Tik Tok videos regarding the Apparition skin and how you can glitch your way into getting it. That isn’t the case — don’t fall for it.

A lot of these videos discuss some kind of glitch with the Revive Pistol or the Shock Stick. They will briefly mention bot lobbies and paying for some kind of service regarding getting the Nuke skin via glitching. Do not fall for it, once again. If you are being told to pay for something in a game with exploits, do not buy into it.

- This article was updated on March 10th, 2023