When do Jailbreaks Happen in Warzone 2?

Someone just left the cell doors open.

by J.T. Isenhour

Nothing is worse than losing one of your squadmates in the Gulag in Warzone 2. There is always the faint hope that your squadmates will win their Gulag game and be dropped back in but once you hear the callout that they lost, you have to start farming cash to buy them back. That is unless there is a Jailbreak. Let’s go over what a Jailbreak is in Warzone 2 and when they happen.

What are Jailbreaks in Warzone 2?

While many players might think a Jailbreak happens when the Warden is killed in the Gulag, that is not the case. A Jailbreak is an event that will allow any dead squad members to respawn no matter if they won or lost in the Gulag.

This is a great alternative to Rebirth Island from the previous Warzone. Since this method doesn’t cost you any money to get your teammates back. As long as one squad member is still alive when the Jailbreak happens, everyone else will redeploy on top of them.

When do Jailbreaks Happen in Warzone 2?

Since Jailbreaks are not when the Warden dies, many players are left wondering what causes one to happen. Sadly, there is no guaranteed way to cause a Jailbreak to occur. If a Jailbreak is going to happen, it will happen during the fourth circle close.

If you are trying to get a Nuke, this is a great way to farm up some kills for it. Since the squadmates of every team left alive will be falling in above their living teammates, you can rush them to catch them off guard for some easy kills.

This is also a great way to turn a fight in your favor if you have an extra gun to give your respawning teammate, but you will need to be careful as the other team you are fighting will also be getting squadmates back if they have any.

The chance at a Jailbreak is a good reason for players to stay in a game until their whole squad is dead. Since it will let them back in the game without the need to be bought back by a random squadmate. If a player does leave, they obviously will not be respawned during a Jailbreak.

The real question is if Jailbreaks will be a thing on the new Ashika Island. The new map coming with the next season of Warzone 2 is sure to shake things up and many squads will need every advantage possible to get some wins when the season first drops.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and DMZ is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023