How to Dodge Easily in The Callisto Protocol

Make dodging a little easier for yourself!

by Kara Phillips

When you face the violent threats in The Callisto Protocol, you need to keep moving to dodge oncoming attacks and prevent your character from taking too many hits and detrimental damage. However, dodging within this game isn’t as easy as other mechanics you may have experienced, and it’s easy to forget to alternate directions to ensure a successful dodge. So, more often than not, this can damage your gameplay, and you’ll find yourself taking more and more damage each time you forget this essential mechanic, but if you’re struggling, there is a way to make things easier for you yourself. So read on to find out how to enable auto-dodge in The Callisto Protocol.

How to Enable Auto-Dodge in The Callisto Protocol

To enable auto-dodging to your gameplay and make the difficulty slightly more manageable for yourself, you’ll need to head to the options menu and enter the Accessibility menu. From here, you’ll see the option “auto-dodge,” and you’ll be able to switch it on. This will disable the need to alternate between holding left or right, and you can hold a single direction to make your character dodge either way. You’ll automatically avoid attacks from the enemy in front of you, but it won’t escape any enemies to the side or behind you, which is something to consider before you turn this feature on.

Technically, auto-dodge isn’t fully automatic since you still have to manually input the dodge mechanic by holding one direction. It just alleviates the need to alternate movements consistently. However, because you can’t dodge attacks from enemies to either side of you with auto-dodge enabled, there’s a high chance that you’ll still take some damage, but not having to worry about alternating dodge directions will allow you more time to consider counter-attacking when an opportunity presents itself.

The Callisto Protocol is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. 

- This article was updated on December 2nd, 2022