How to Dodge in Harvestella

Here's how to juke monsters in Harvestella.

by Michelle Cornelia

Harvestella is Square Enix’s latest simulation RPG that will immerse you in a fantasy world like no other. The gameplay emphasizes farming, crafting, and many others, including combat. You may be wondering how to dodge if you’re just starting out on this game. After all, dodging is a vital skill to master if you want to survive fighting off monsters and gather as many resources as possible. In this guide, we’ll explain how to dodge in Harvestella easily.

How to Dodge in Harvestella?

If you are used to games that heavily rely on dodging mechanics, like the Monster Hunter series, you may find the combat in this game a little wonky. This is because there is no way to dodge in Harvestella. At the start, the game will only notify you that you can perform a Dash by pressing the Shift and Movement key.

Fortunately, as you progress through the game, you can unlock Step. Step is an ability similar to dodge that allows you to create a small distance from the enemy, allowing you to counterattack during that time frame. It’s worth keeping in mind that this ability is job-locked, as you can only unlock it by selecting Fighter as your job in Harvestella. 

To unlock it, you must head to the Menu by pressing Esc, then open the Job section. Afterward, select the Fighter tab, and you will see various skills available within this job. Then, spend 150 JP (job points) to unlock Step.

Once you have unlocked this ability, you’ll be able to time Step to quickly dodge the enemy’s attacks. During combat, try to learn their pattern to know when they will strike with specific abilities. Then, use Step to get behind them and attack. This position will give you an advantage because it will take time for the monster to reposition itself and strike another attack. Good luck, and have fun on your Harvestella journey!

Harvestella is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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