How to Farm Gold in New World – Best Gold Farming Methods

Keep your coin purse as full as can be

by J.T. Isenhour


Money is king in New World which has players constantly searching for the best ways to farm gold. If you have a steady supply of gold you can get the best gear for whatever role you want to play, buy all the crafting materials you will ever need and be able to fully customize your own house in a town of your choice. Unlike other MMOs, New World doesn’t have every enemy dropping you a small amount of gold allowing you to save up over time. Let’s go over the best gold farming methods in New World.

How to Farm Gold In New World

There are a very limited number of ways to outright get gold in New World. Completing quests in the game doesn’t reward a lot of gold, which makes passively farming gold by playing the game normally practically impossible. This brings us to the best methods for farming larger amounts of gold.

Running Expeditions

If you have a group of buddies or can get together a group of players that can quickly clear an expedition over and over again this can be a great way to farm up gold. Not only can you get sacks of gold from expeditions that can be opened to give you a decent amount of gold but you might get valuable items that you can sell to other players for large sums of gold. The higher level of Expedition you can run with your group, the more valuable items dropped by the Expedition will have.

If you are looking for a build that can help you with clearing Expeditions with ease, consider checking out our best Greatsword builds guides. The Greatsword is quite a powerful weapon since it has just been released and can be used in both tanking and DPS roles. This can make forming a group much easier and help out with clearing the Expedition.

Crafting Items to Sell

Many players will always be willing to pay gold to avoid having to craft the items they want. This is a great way to make a profit if you have already put in the time to level up your different crafting stations. Whether you gather the basic materials for yourself or buy the materials and then craft the final product, you can still make a decent amount of profit by selling whatever you craft to other players. If you want the most profit you will want to go gather all the materials and then craft the item to be sold but you can still turn a profit when you buy the materials.

Gathering Items to Sell

If you don’t feel like crafting you can still be a supplier of the crafters and make a good bit of profit. Since there is no real cost to go out and gather materials, this is an all-profit method of farming gold. You can keep it simple and go farm a large amount of a common resource and sell it slowly over time on the market. But you can also go out for a rarer or more in-demand resource and farm it, like the newly added Sulfur.

While quests don’t provide the most amount of gold you can mix them in with any of these other farming methods. Just picking up simple quests like killing animals or turning in a specific item will allow you to make some instant profit on top of you selling other materials you gather or items you craft. Once you have a sizable amount of gold in your pocket, you might want to check out our New World page for the latest news on the game.

New World is available now on PC.

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