The Best Greatsword Builds in New World

Make the perfect Greatsword build

by Christian Bognar


Players can create tons of builds in New World to produce some high-damage output. One of the most excellent builds you can make is a strength and dexterity build that involves the famous greatsword weapon. Mainly dealing slash damage, players can maximize this weapon to its full potential by equipping the correct perks and abilities. In this guide, we will go over how to make the perfect builds for your greatsword to keep your damage output high while also being able to block enemy attacks efficiently.

Best Greatsword Builds in New World

Below are our recommendations for the best perks, abilities, gems, and armor you should have equipped that go perfectly with the Greatsword. Some lean more toward a tank build, while other options are meant more for aggressiveness and agility builds. Feel free to swap some of these out for other options you see as a better fit, but these are our recommendations for maximizing this build potential.

Abilities and Weapon Perks

The first ability that should go in your slot tree is “Crosscut.” This allows you to slash three times in one quick sequence, with each slash progressively doing more damage than the previous one. This is the highest DPS ability for the greatsword and is perfect for both PVE and PVP battles. Players should apply the “Leeching Crosscut” weapon perk, which will heal up to 72% of the damage you deal on the final strike of the ability.

The next ability you should equip is the “Relentless Rush” ability. This forward spinning slash applies a 20% slow for four seconds on hit of your target. The amount of damage it outputs goes up with each hit, just like the previous ability we mentioned. Applying the upgrade “Relentless Power” will increase the damage even more, making you an absolute powerhouse against your foes. The perfect weapon perk for this is “Relentless Freedom,” which will increase your critical hit chance by 19%, which is always a great way to apply more damage.

The last ability that is crucial is “Skyward Slash.” This ability allows you to do an upward slash that, more often than not, staggers your opponent and deals 80% percent weapon damage. This, combined with the Skyfall sword upgrade, will allow you to execute an extra attack while in the air, maximizing your damage output efficiently. Combine this ability with the weapon perk “Skyward Nullification,” which will remove an active buff that your opponent currently has, weakening their defenses altogether.

  • Crosscut (Ability)
  • Leeching Crosscut (Weapon Perk)
  • Relentless Rush (Ability)
  • Relentless Power (Upgrade)
  • Relentless Freedom (Weapon Perk)
  • Skyward Slash (Ability)
  • Skyfall Sword (Upgrade)
  • Skyward Nullification (Weapon Perk)

Secondary Weapon

There are a few options you can go with when it comes to your secondary weapon. The Sword and Shield are the perfect options if you are going for a more aggressive and light armor build. This secondary will allow you to get an extra stun and leap, which is what the greatsword lacks, making it the perfect way to fill in the gap.

The Blunderbuss is an excellent alternative if you aren’t a fan of the Sword and Shield. The Blunderbuss counteracts the relatively short range of the Greatsword, allowing you to cover more ground against other players or enemies.

  • Sword and Shield (Extra stun)
  • Blunderbuss (Cover more ground)


With tons of Gems being available it can be difficult picking the right one for your specific build. Our recommendation on the first gem you should pick is the “Cut Pristine Opal.” Greatsword attacks will use stamina, and with this gem equipped, you will get an increase of 15% damage when your stamina is not complete. This gem also buffs toward elemental damage, which is always a nice plus.

“Cut Pristine Jasper” is also an excellent gem to equip if you want a more tanky build. This will grant the players with buffs against strike damage along with an increased damage output after taking a hit. This is perfect for tank builds that don’t focus too much on evading enemy attacks and instead go head-on into the enemy attacks.

  • Cut Pristine Opal (Helps with low stamina)
  • Cut Pristine Jasper (Buffs against attacks)


Both light and heavy armor are adequate for a greatsword build. Light if you are going for a heavy-damage glass cannon build, and heavy armor if you plan on going for a more block-focused build.

Attribute Points

To get the most out of your build, you will want to have the exact number of points for strength and dexterity. Since the greatsword scales with both, putting an equal amount into each attribute will maximize your build’s full potential in damage output.

Give these builds a try; you should have no problem dominating in both PVP and PVE. Difficulty in creating the perfect build is only just the beginning of the struggles you will encounter in this vast game New World. Some puzzles can also be frustrating, so check out our guides for the two most confusing puzzles in the game, ‘A God Awakens’ and the Accursed Apophis puzzle.

New World is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2022

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