New World: How to Solve the ‘A God Awakens’ Puzzle

So many platforms to choose from!

by Christian Bognar


Brimstone Sands expansion has added a ton of new content in New World. With the lack of guidance the game provides players, you can be frustrated with some of the complex puzzles within the new region. One of the more confusing puzzles is the “A God Awakens” at the Ordeal of the Nine Gates. You no longer need to struggle, as we will give you a step-by-step guide on getting this puzzle out of the way.

How to Solve A God Awakens Puzzle

First off, make sure that you are at the Ordeal of the Nine Gates, where you will run into an individual named Imhotep, who you can interact with to accept the quest. Turn around, and activate the elevator, which will bring you to a new location called the “First Gate of Sinners.” Your objective is to activate the elevators in the correct order. Below are the proper steps you need to take from start to finish, and the name of each level so you don’t get lost in the process.

First Gate of Sinners

  • Activate the middle platform

Second Gate of Feasts

  • Activate the middle platform

Third Gate of Nations

  • Activate the right platform

Fourth Gate of Duration

  • Activate the right platform

Fifth Gate of Jackals

  • Activate the left platform

Sixth Gate of the Shining One

  • Activate the middle platform

Seventh Gate of Purifying Fire

  • Activate the left platform

Eighth Gate of Usurper

  • Activate the right platform

Ninth Gate of the Chained Betrayer

  • Activate the middle platform

Activating all those platforms in that correct order will take you back to the initial starting point. Now, you can enter the Soul Trial at the initial platform and proceed. Entering the Soul Trial will lead you to an enemy you need to defeat. Once you take care of the enemy, head to Imhotep and speak to him. Now your next objective is fast travel over to the Brimstone Sands Capital. Once you have arrived, follow your map to the waypoint leading you to an individual named Ghazi Laghmani. Speak to him and then speak to Imhotep again right next to him to complete the objective.

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New World is available now for PC.

- This article was updated on October 21st, 2022

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