How to Fast Travel in Honkai Star Rail

Time to get traveling quicker in Honkai: Star Rail!

by Gordon Bicker
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Honkai: Star Rail has a vast array of mechanics to get familiar with and one of these is of course the fast travel system. It can catch many players by surprise because of how the fast travel system is activated within the game. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to fast travel in Honkai: Star Rail.

Fast Travelling in Honkai Star Rail: How to Do It

You may be having issues with fast traveling as you can’t actually do it right away. There will be a tutorial that takes you through the fast travel process after some quests in the game. In order to fast travel, you will have to locate Space Anchors which will be floating around in the world. They have bronze rings centered around a medium-sized floating crystal.

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When you make it to various Space Anchors around the map after completing the fast travel tutorial, they will then become places you can fast travel to and from. Open your map and press/click Anchor that you would like to travel to. This will then let you continue to teleport across to that point and — ultimately — let you get around the map faster. Summed up, the process to fast travel is as follows.

  1. Reach the point in the story when you receive the fast travel tutorial.
  2. Find and activate Space Anchors by running around the map and looking for blue, bronze ring-circled floating crystals.
  3. From your navigation map select another Space Anchor.
  4. Proceed with the fast travel.

Are There Any Other Ways to Fast Travel in Honkai Star Rail?

No, the main way to fast travel is by making use of Space Anchors in the game. The world itself is gorgeous so we think that taking some time exploring won’t hurt, but getting around quickly can be beneficial. No matter where you choose to explore, you can rest assured that you can now travel around easier.

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Now is the time to take everything you have learned back into Honkai: Star Rail and begin the process to unlock fast travel. After some hours of gameplay time, you should be at the fast travel tutorial. Time to get busy finding space anchors!

- This article was updated on April 26th, 2023

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