How to Fix Audio Issues in Honkai Star Rail

Don't let the game hit the ear wrong.

by J.R. Waugh
Honkai Star Rail Audio Issues
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If you’re one of the countless fans logging into Honkai: Star Rail upon its release, you’ll want to ride the hype train across the stars. It’s just as stylish and aesthetically pleasing as other HoYoverse work like Genshin Impact, and what’s perhaps most appealing, it’s got killer music. In a game where audio is crucial to the experience, you want no issues plaguing your performance, be it preferred voiceover language or even something as simple as output and settings in Honkai: Star Rail.

How Do You Fix Audio Issues in Honkai: Star Rail?

While there are not currently any known common audio issues for Honkai: Star Rail, it’s good to know some troubleshooting techniques if you run into the following:

  • If your audio volumes seem unbalanced, you can open Sound Mixer settings on your PC to adjust different program volumes, prioritizing HSR
  • If you’re hearing no audio, click the speaker icon on your toolbar and check the menu that appears for playback devices: if your headphones are USB, be sure to check that they’re selected, or if you have your headphones plugged into a microphone, that you select the microphone.
  • If the voice audio is in English but you prefer the various other languages available:
    • In Honkai: Star Rail, hit the ‘Esc’ on the keyboard or ‘Menu’ on your gamepad
    • Select the Settings option to the right
    • Select “Language Settings” from the top
    • Select the drop-down menu for Voice, and choose your preferred voice language (download of ~1.5GB and up!)

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Any of these options are easy fixes for the most basic audio issues some players might have with the game. It has satisfyingly catchy music and some pretty great sound effects for a badass finishing move in even some of the early fights of the game. Don’t let audio issues, or any issues, take away from your time in Honkai: Star Rail.

- This article was updated on April 26th, 2023

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