How to Fix ‘Checking Epic Services Queue’ Fortnite Error

Are you running into this Fortnite Epic Services Error?

by Gordon Bicker

Fortnite has thousands of players that enter its doors each and every day and as such from time to time the servers can take a strain, however, another issue people may face is the Checking Epic Services Queue error. Instead of it being a simple server outage for you to check the status, the Epic Services Queue is a bit different. This article will take you through how to fix the ‘Checking Epic Services Queue’ error in Fortnite.

Fixing the Epic Services Queue Error in Fortnite

The best way to fix this issue is to restart the game on your chosen platform, sometimes this will solve the issue on its own and you will be able to get past the screen and into the game. This particular error is still a server issue but it is likely being caused by the sheer number of players trying to log into the game at a particular point. All in all, this can put immense pressure on the servers.

Unfortunately, the main other fix is to simply wait it out until Epic Games fixes the issues and/or the servers return to a normal state. Some reboots from time to time, while you are having the issue, can make sure that you are getting into the game at the same speed as everyone else if the error was already fixed and you are still stuck on the Epic Services Queue error. You can get back to easily capturing control points in no time when that pesky error is fixed.

Does the Epic Services Queue Error Happen Often in Fortnite?

This type of error has been more frequent in recent times, however, they aren’t occurring at all times, just every so often. Nonetheless, you will be playing the game again when the error is fixed before you know it.

Fortnite is available at this very moment on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023