How to Fix Error Code HILLCAT in MW2

What is the HILLCAT error and how do you fix it?

by Noah Nelson
Image: Activision

If you are trying to get into Modern Warfare 2 for a quick match in preparation for Season 3 and are met with the HILLCAT error, there’s not much else that can spoil your day. The HILLCAT error can strike anyone trying to play Modern Warfare 2, but primarily affects PC players. Here’s how to fix it.

What is the HILLCAT Error in MW2?

The HILLCAT error is a connecting to servers error. If you get the HILLCAT error, you’ll also most likely see a “cannot connect to matchmaking server” message as well.

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There are several errors and bugs in Modern Warfare 2. This isn’t uncommon — every live-service game has errors and bugs to iron out. If you want to fix the HILLCAT error and get back to the action, we’ve got you covered.

How to Fix the HILLCAT Error in MW2

Since the HILLCAT error is server related, you need to check your internet, see if the Modern Warfare 2 servers are down, check to see if you are missing an update, and verify your game files.

Check Your Internet

The first thing you need to do to fix the HILLCAT error in Modern Warfare 2 is to check your internet connection. If you are plugged in or on Wi-Fi, ensure that there is nothing wrong with your internet connection.

Check the MW2 Servers

If there’s nothing wrong with your internet, you need to check the Modern Warfare 2 servers next. The best way to do this is to check Down Detector. If there is a recent spike of server issues, you’ll know it is an issue on Infinity Ward’s end.

If there isn’t a spike of other players reporting server issues, the HILLCAT error could be because of your connection issues. You’ll need to try more techniques to fix it.

Check For an Update

If you are still experiencing the HILLCAT error, check to see if you are missing an update. Sometimes, a patch can come with bug and error fixes, so make sure your game is up-to-date.

Verify Your Game Files

Lastly, if all else fails, you’ll need to check your Modern Warfare 2 game files. Try turning off your device and restarting Modern Warfare 2. If the HILLCAT error persists, go into your platform’s files and see if your Modern Warfare 2 files are corrupted.

If you can’t get rid of the HILLCAT error and you’ve tried everything else, the last thing you need to do is delete Modern Warfare 2 and redownload it. By doing this, you’ll get rid of any corrupt files and be able to start fresh.

- This article was updated on April 7th, 2023

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