How to Fix “Server Under Maintenance” Error in Tower of Fantasy

Are you getting told about server maintenance for Tower of Fantasy?

by Gordon Bicker


Tower of Fantasy fans are excitedly working their way through all of the excellent content on offer and beginning their playthroughs with their favorite characters. With the global launch of the game, there are sure to be a few errors and issues that appear from time to time while the game settles down and relaxes after the launch. Of course, along with the main errors that are there, the game will be going through maintenance at points, especially so if there are any major issues for servers during the first few days. You may be wondering how to fix the Tower of Fantasy server maintenance and if you can do so.

Fixing the Server Under Maintenance Error in Tower of Fantasy

It should be noted that with this particular issue, it isn’t necessarily an error you are encountering. It could appear because the game is actually going through server maintenance at the point you are getting the pop-up on the screen informing you about server maintenance. In turn, you will have to wait until the maintenance is complete before you will be able to access the game once again. Thankfully it shouldn’t take longer than a few hours for official maintenance generally.

If you are still getting the ‘Server Under Maintenance’ phrase appearing after you know there definitely is not any maintenance on. Restarting the game and loading it up again should get that issue rectified for you. A quick refresh will be sure to sort out the game for letting you back into the servers again. Time to start exploring the gorgeous world, battling enemies, and enjoying working through the story! The content on offer will certainly have you hooked for a long while.

Tower of Fantasy is available right now and can be downloaded for Android, IOS, and PC.

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