All Characters and Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy

What are Simulacrum and who are they? And who are the main characters?

by Noah Nelson


Tower of Fantasy is a new shared open-world MMORPG where sci-fi and fantasy meet in an epic anime fashion. Though it isn’t out yet, we know a lot about tower of Fantasy including all of the Simulacrum and characters that will be in the game. Here are all of the Simulacrum and characters in Tower of Fantasy.

All Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy

First off, what are Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy? Simulacrum are weapons that are filled with AI of heroes of old. When you use them in battle, you’ll become the Simulacrum character, use their weapon, and use their specific element. Simulacrum are the main playable characters in the game, but you will be able to customize your own character and play as them.

There are a total of 8 Simulacrum right now with more bound to be released and they are acquired through gacha mechanics. With all of that said, here are all of the Simulacrum that will be available in Tower of Fantasy when it launches:

  • Samir (Brittany Cox): Dual Pistols/Lightning
  • Crow (Casey Mongillo): Double Blade/Lightning
  • Shiro (Kristen McGuire): Chakram/Grievous
  • Zero: Enchanted Cube/Fire
  • King (Johnny Young): Scythe/Fire
  • Tsubasa (Amber Lee Connors): Bow & Arrow/Ice
  • Cocoritter (Lexi Fontaine): Scepter/Ice
  • Meryl (Kira Buckland): Claymore/Ice

All Characters in Tower of Fantasy

Since Simulacrum are people embedded in weapons, there are also actual characters that populate the world and will most likely be central to the plot of Tower of Fantasy. Here are all of the characters in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Zeke (Johnny Young)
  • Frigg (Antonia Flynn)
  • Nemesis (Suzie Yeung)
  • Shirli (Suzie Young)

After you are done pre-registering for Tower of Fantasy and checking out all of the rewards you’ll get by doing so, you’ll most likely want to check out everything else that Tower of Fantasy is bringing to the table. To do so, visit our Tower of Fantasy page and check out any and all of the articles that interest you.

Tower of Fantasy will release on August 10, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. PT on Android, iOS, and PC.

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