How to Get Basarious Pectus+ in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Time to get hunting once again!

by Gordon Bicker


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has players roaming through its new area with extreme enjoyment as they get to play through everything new that the expansion has for them to have fun with. There are plenty of monsters for you to slay or capture depending on what your style is and as always you can gather lots of resources to contribute towards crafting the best gear and weapons that you want. One crafting material is the Basarious Pectus+ and this guide article will be taking you through the process of how to get Basarious Pectus+ in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Getting Basarious Pectus+ in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

In order to get this specific resource, you will have to have an encounter with the Master Rank version of the Basarious. You will be able to get the Basarious Pectus+ by getting it from a broken part off the chest of the Basarious, a target/main reward, and a carve reward. The highest chances of getting the Basarious Pectus+ is by getting the broken part from the chest of the monster. Be sure to bring along your best part-breaking weapons to ensure you have a high chance of getting the chest of the monster broken for a chance to get the Basarious Pectus+ to drop from the monster. There certainly are plenty of resources that you can find through this method of breaking parts off monsters!

When you have gotten the Basarious Pectus+ you will be able to utilize it for crafting the Basarious set of items based on the Master Rank versions of course. There is also a request that can be completed that needs you to find the Basarious Pectus+ so now you can turn that request in too if you were hunting for this for that reason instead!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available at this very moment for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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