How to Get Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark

Everything you need to know about Bifrost!

by Kara Phillips

The extensive map of Lost Ark will need to be explored to its edges, and doing this on foot is less than ideal. Luckily, there are two styles of fast travel systems in place, one of which is Bifrost. But unlike standard fast travel, you’ll need to unlock a series of keys to use this method. It’s a worthwhile element to have access to within Lost Ark, but that doesn’t make it any easier to come across. Unlocking the keys can be a challenge for players who don’t know where to start, so read on to find out how to utilize the Bifrost system.

How to Collect Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark

There are three BiFrost Keys to unlock within Lost Ark, and unlocking the majority takes commitment rather than skill. The first key will be granted to any player who has received their Shipping Boat license, making travel from one location to another significantly more manageable and less time-intensive. While this unlock is easy for any player who dedicates time to the game, the other two require more heads-down work.

The second Bifrost Key can be unlocked by getting your Roster Level to 60. This can be done by increasing your character level to 60 and increasing the level of your alt characters during your time in the game. While it may take a lot of time to get to level 60, and you will have to complete many quests with your characters, you will receive the achievement to signify reaching the level and unlocking your second key.

The second Bifrost Key can be earned while you progress through your Adventure’s Tome, eventually making Ignea Tokens when hitting 100% completion. There are 14 Ignea Tokens to unlock as you complete zones in Arkesia, but you won’t need to collect every last one to access the second key. Instead, you need at least nine before accessing the final key. Even though this method is particularly time-consuming, you will be able to collect alternative rewards along the way, like Potions and Scarabs, to make the process less tedious.

Lost Ark is available on PC.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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