How to Get Cash Fast in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Everything has a price.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Cash rules everything around me in Crime Boss: Rockay City, including hiring teammates, claiming turf, buying guns, and much more. It’s not cheap rising to the top of the food chain. Because of that, here is the best way to earn cash fast in Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Fastest Way to Get Cash in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Though you won’t be able to buy each celebrity character in Crime Time with cash, you will be able to use cash in the campaign to do basically everything. In Crime Time, you’ll use cash to buy teammates, new guns, and contracts. The two cash piles in the separate game modes are kept separate.

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There are many ways to earn cash quickly in Crime Boss: Rockay City, but one of the best ways is to see what the expected value is of each mission. By seeing how much cash you’ll potentially get out of the mission, you can always go for the higher-yielding missions.

Next, you can go for low risk missions and use stealth to clear the area. Once there are no major threats happening, you can bag every piece of loot you can from the mission before bolting. Each mission has an excess of loot which means you can always make more on missions you feel secure on. If the area is hot with enemies, bag what you can and leave with your life.

Lastly, you’ll want to visit Casey in the Office often to check the percentages on the black market. Each category in your stash has a different exchange rate on each day. If a particular day has a high percentage on Precious Metals, make sure to sell on that day. If a certain day has a low percentage on Drugs, save your stash until the next day.

If you follow those tips, you’ll end up making the most amount of money in the fastest period of time. As a final note, don’t take out loans unless you really have to. If you overspent, you’ll need to take out a loan, but if you’re careful with your money, you won’t ever need to owe anyone.

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