How to Get Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark

Aye aye, Captain

by Kara Phillips
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Sailing play’s a pretty significant role in Lost Ark since there are lands beyond the waves to explore, and, surprisingly, the activity has its own currency to go hand in hand with, so before you know it, you will be relying heavily on Gienah’s Coins to pay your way across the seven seas. Of course, you’ll need Gienah’s Coins for things like ship blueprints, but that doesn’t make the currency any easier to come by. There are several ways you can find and collect Gienah’s Coins to make those all-important sailing-based purchases, so read on to ensure your pockets are always lined when you take to the helm.

Where to Find Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark

Luckily for players desperate to find Gienah’s Coins, there are several methods you can use to acquire them. The most predominant method of farming coins is through completing island quests or completing co-op quests, which can return a decent number of coins. In addition, you can take the easier route of purchasing them from trade merchants in Stronghold or participating in in-game events, which may occasionally reward these coins. But, similarly to Harmony Leapstones, there’s no guarantee that you will receive these coins over the four other sailing-based currencies.

Island Quests are the most reliable way of finding Gienah’s Coins, and you can find these quests across any of the small islands across the map. The reward you receive will vary from NPC to NPC, so it’s worth accepting as many quests as you can and completing them in succession if you want to farm these coins quickly, and it’s essential to note that NPCs will frequently give High Seas Coin Chests as rewards rather than the raw currency, but these chests can be exchanged for 100 coins of your choosing, and Gienha’s Coins is an option.

Lost Ark is available on PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023