How to Get Harry Potter’s Wand in Wizarding World

The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter. It's not always clear why. But I think it is clear that we can expect great things from you.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to get Harry Potter’s wand in Wizarding World so you can wield it in Hogwarts Legacy? Of course, we aren’t talking about the Elder Wand, but the wand Harry wields with a Phoneix Feather core, which is the very wand that matches the core of Lord Voldemort’s wand. Harry repairs this wand at the end of the last book and still wields it as an Auror.

This wand has accomplished amazing things, and we can all be more like Harry in the face of challenges. Harry’s wand is made of holly wood with a phoenix feather core. It is also 11 inches in length and has supple flexibility. So then, how do you go about getting this iconic wand? Here is everything you need to know about getting Harry Potter’s wand in the Wizarding World for use in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get Harry Potter’s Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

You can get Harry Potter’s wand in Wizarding World by following these steps:

  • Login or Create an Account on the Wizarding World website
  • Select your Profile
  • Click on the Wand
  • Select the Find Your Wand button
  • Answer the 7-question quiz using the below answers
  • Link your Wizarding World account with the WB Games account

Wizarding World Find Your Wand Quiz Answers

QuestionHarry Potter’s Wand
First of all, would you describe yourself as…Short
And your eyes…Green
Was the day on which you were born…An Odd Number
Do you most pride yourself on your…Resilience
Traveling alone down a deserted road, you reach a crossroads. Do you continue…Ahead Towards the Forest
Do you most fear…Darkness or Small Spaces
(Either answer will work)
In a chest of magical artifacts, which would you choose…Golden Key

Note: It is impossible to obtain Harry Potter’s wand if you already took the quiz on your existing Wizarding World profile. You will need to either delete your existing profile and recreate it or sign up with a different email address.

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- This article was updated on February 9th, 2023