How to Get League Tokens in Overwatch 2

There are more skins than what you see in the Hero Gallery.

by Elliott Gatica

There are three forms of currency in Overwatch 2. Each has its own purpose in buying all sorts of cool cosmetics, character skins, and profile customizations. We all know about the Overwatch coins that are the main source of currency, being used on practically everything. What might be a bit more unknown to players is the Overwatch 2 League Tokens, which is something they definitely should know how to get. 

How to Get League Tokens in Overwatch 2

League Tokens can either be purchased with actual money or earned from stream drop campaigns. Here are the current prices in US dollars for League Tokens:

  • 100 League Tokens: $5.99 USD
  • 200 League Tokens: $11.99 USD
  • 400 League Tokens: $23.99 USD
  • 900 League Tokens: $47.99 USD
  • 2600 League Tokens: $119.99 USD

Doing the math, it would take about $18 USD to buy a legendary Overwatch Leauge (OWL) skin. It’ll roughly take $9 USD to buy an Epic skin. If you want to go big on a bundle, you’ll need to fork over about $42 USD. A bundle consists of three legendary skins.

As for stream drops, Overwatch League tokens are offered as hourly rewards during playoffs and other major events. They aren’t always offered, however. Oftentimes, the OWL events will offer cosmetics or event-themed items like the black and orange skins from 2022

League Tokens are in the rotation but don’t expect to watch these events and earn enough to get a Legendary skin right from the get-go. You may be able to earn enough to get a team-themed skin after several hours of watching.

As you do watch Overwatch League events, make sure to connect your account with your YouTube and/or Twitch accounts so that the time watched will get you the drops— similar to how the launch Kiriko skin campaign went. These events go between the two platforms, so you want to stay informed on where the live events will be broadcast. 

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 5th, 2023

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