How to Get Nargacuga Mantle in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Channel the power of bladed wings with this rare material!

by Marc Magrini


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak might introduce a lot of new monsters, but it also gives some extreme boosts to many of the old ones. When traversing Master Rank, players will come across many familiar foes, including the Flying Wyvern Nargacuga. Not only does it have many new attacks – much like the hunters and their new Switch Skills – but it also drops many new materials. Of these new materials, the Nargacuga Mantle is the hardest to get – and one of the most important.

How to Get Nargacuga Mantle in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Much like the plates of Low Rank and the orbs of High Rank, mantles are among the rarest materials a monster can drop in Master Rank. Luckily, there are a few methods players can use to alleviate the hunt for such items. Nargacuga can be in 3-star Master Rank quests. It’s featured as a target in many of these quests, making for great opportunities to farm mantles. The drop rates for a Nargacuga Mantle are as follows:

  • Target Rewards – 2%
  • Capture Rewards – 4%
  • Broken Part Rewards – 3% (Head only)
  • Carve Rewards
    • Body – 2%
    • Tail – 5%
  • Dropped Materials – 1%

One of the best ways players can get their hands on a mantle is by using the Wyvern Riding mechanic. Sunbreak introduced Gold Wirebugs which force monsters to drop more materials, and every one of those materials has the chance to be a mantle. If nothing comes from Wyvern Riding, then players should instead focus on breaking Nargacuga’s head. They should also try severing its tail, though this can be very difficult with its increased Master Rank aggression and numerous slam attacks. If players want to get the full set of Nargacuga armor along with one of its fully upgraded weapons, they’ll need at least two mantles down the line. Be prepared to farm for a while; you’ll get your hands on those mantles eventually!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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