All New Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and How to Get Them

Check out all 42 new Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

by Marc Magrini


With the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Hunters have more options for how they wish to fight than ever before. They’ll need to make the most of these options as they face off against powerful new monsters. Outside of Master Rank gear and weapons, Sunbreak added brand-new Switch Skills to allow hunters to vary their playstyle. While many of them were shown off in pre-release trailers, there are a few new skills that haven’t been revealed beforehand. Players should take note of all new Switch Skills and how to unlock them in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

All New Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

To unlock the new Switch Skills, players must first complete the introductory quest to Rise’s expansion and reach Elgado. From there, they simply have to follow the story-important messages to eventually reach a tutorial with Master Utsushi. He’ll give the player the first set of Switch Skills introduced in Sunbreak; players familiar with the demo might find themselves surprised by the collection found in the full game. The other Switch Skills can be unlocked much later, midway through completion of four-star Master Rank quests. The player will be told to return to Kamura Village for story-related reasons, and eventually they’ll meet with Utsushi again to unlock the rest of the skills. No specific quests or repeated forging of weapons is required unlike in the base game.

The Switch Skills that weren’t featured before will have their abilities shared here. Check out all the new Switch Skills in Sunbreak, in order of unlock:

Great Sword

  • Surge Slash Combo
  • Strongarm Stance
  • Backslide – An unrevealed skill that allows the hunter to evade backwards while charging their attack.

Long Sword

  • Sacred Sheathe Combo
  • Tempered Spirit Blade – A skill that uses a Wirebug to parry incoming monster attacks. A successful parry will raise the Spirit Gauge by one level.
  • Harvest Moon

Sword & Shield

  • Twin Blade Combo
  • Destroyer Oil
  • Shield Bash – A short dash forward with the Wirebug. The shield is held up during the dash, allowing the player to guard against attacks while closing in.

Dual Blades

  • Side Slash Combo
  • Spiral Slash
  • Ironshine Silk – An unrevealed skill that shrouds the blades in silk. By timing dodges with monster attacks, sharpness will automatically recover.


  • Spinning Bludgeon: Charge
  • Keeping Sway – A Wirebug-focused evasion skill that allows players to dodge attacks while maintaining charge level.
  • Impact Burst

Hunting Horn

  • Swing Combo
  • Sonic Bloom – A Wirebug skill that places a cocoon on the ground tethered to the player. Vibrations made while attacking will cause the cocoon to grow, eventually exploding to deal massive damage to the monster.
  • Silkbind Shockwave


  • Shield Tackle
  • Skyward Thrust
  • Sheathing Retreat – A skill that lets the hunter evade backwards, automatically sheathing the weapon.


  • Erupting Cannon
  • Bullet Barrage
  • Reverse Blast – Similar to the Lance’s new Sheathing Retreat, but moves backwards with help of a Blast Dash, requiring ammo to be loaded before use.

Switch Axe

  • 2-Staged Morph Slash Combo
  • Elemental Burst Counter
  • Wire Step – Another evasion technique. Allows the player to morph into Axe Mode during the dodge.

Charge Blade

  • Phial Follow-up: Firing Pin
  • Ready Stance
  • Air Dash – Launches the player up into the air while whirling their axe. They can use a Phial Explosion to propel themselves away from the monster after attacking.

Insect Glaive

  • Kinsect Slash
  • Awakened Kinsect Attack
  • Kinsect Glide – Propels the Kinsect forward, then sends the hunter hurtling towards it.

Light Bowgun

  • Critical Firepower
  • Wyvern Counter
  • Mech Silkbind Shot – Loads the bowgun with Ironsilk, letting the player rapidly fire many shots into the monster. This will lodge silk into the monster, and bullets shot at pierced locations will make it easier to break the monster’s parts.

Heavy Bowgun

  • Crouching Shot
  • Rising Moon – Generates a ring of Ironsilk, much like Setting Sun. It effectively increases the range of certain ammo types.
  • Setting Sun


  • Stake Thrust
  • Butcher’s Bind
  • Bolt Boost – Gives the bow a “Super Critical Range”, increasing damage even further when positioned at a perfect distance from the monster.

These are all the new Switch Skills available to owners of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Learn how to take full advantage of them, and you’ll be able to take down even the toughest foes!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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