How to Get Out of Prison in Star Citizen

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

by J.T. Isenhour
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Star Citizen’s punishments for being a criminal can be quite severe. Dying with any sort of crime stat will land you right into the loving arms of the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility otherwise known as prison. Once in prison, you will need to either serve your time or find some way to escape. Let’s go over the different ways you can get out of prison in Star Citizen.

How to Leave Klescher Rehabilitation Facility in Star Citizen

Players have been having such a hard time getting into the game since the release of the newest patch and no one wants to waste their time stuck in prison. While waiting out your sentence is always an option, there are a few ways to speed up your time or skip it entirely.

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Doing Work to Reduce Your Sentence

In order to even get out of your cell in Klescher, you have to enroll in the work program the facility offers. Doing this will give you a multitool and a mining head attachment to allow you to go work down in the mines. The entrance to these mines can be found opposite of inmate processing.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The mines are quite spiraling, offering a couple of different paths to go down and 12 levels for each path. As you walk along a path, keep your eye out for any minerals sticking out of the ground to mine and collect.

Each gem you hand in will reduce your sentence by a set amount and also give you some points to spend in the prison store if you have a longer stay than you expected.

You can also receive a contract from Klescher while down in the mines to go and repair the various oxygen dispensers. Completing one of these can be quite valuable as the deeper the dispenser is the more you get paid and the more time comes off your sentence.

Break Out of Prison

If you want to take the immediate escape route out of the prison you can choose to break out. This is a dangerous option as you will still be wanted even if you do manage to break out. There is a personal contract you can get if you wait around a few minutes that will clear your crime stat if you bring a data drive out of prison with you and deliver it.

Once you have made up your mind about breaking out, you will want to go toward the work mines and take a peek inside the guard booth by the entrance. Inside you should be able to spy a four-digit code that can be used to turn off the fans in the cell block.

Look around the walls of the cell block for a vent that is missing a grate and jump toward it. Input the code on the panel for the vent and climb on through.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

This is the point of no return, if you choose to continue your escape your crime stat will increase and your sentence will be extended. Dying at any point will land you right back in the prison as well, so be very careful.

Follow the tunnel system toward the surface, there is a bit of parkour along the way that you will need to complete without falling.

Further down the tunnel system, you should come back into the facility at a higher level. Look around this area for two codes for APC vehicles as you will need them later. Note down the codes provided and keep making your way out of the facility.

Once you reach the surface all hell will break loose. Find the nearby APC storage containers outside the facility and use the APC to drive as far away as possible. This is the point that you will need to find someone trustworthy to come and pick you up as you can’t go to any station to get a ship.

Hopefully, you have a friend that has managed to get past the 30009 error code and can come to pick you up. After you are picked up, book it to either turn in that data drive to lose your crime stat or to a security post to hack away your crime stat.

Either way, act fast as any bounty hunter will be sure to be on your trail soon. After you get rid of your crime stat, you are free to resume doing whatever you want in the system.

Wait Out Your Sentence

If you don’t want to take the risk of breaking out and extending your time in prison, you can always choose to just log out and come back after your sentence is up.

The timer for your prison sentence is shown in real-time and will count down even if you are not logged into the game. So if you happen to get a 5-hour prison sentence, you can just go to sleep and come back tomorrow a free man.

You will still need to leave the facility once you log back in if you do choose to wait it out. However, that is done by just taking an elevator ride to the surface and being teleported to Everus Harbor with a fresh flight suit on.

Regardless of how you get out of prison, you will hopefully be a changed person and not commit any more crimes to land yourself back in the slammer. But if you do, you can always use any of these methods to get yourself back out and repeat the cycle over and over.

- This article was updated on March 16th, 2023