How to Get Palm Wood in Dinkum

Time to gather that wood within Dinkum!

by Gordon Bicker


Dinkum has been getting a lot of great attention from the gaming community and this farming-like sim has been getting new amounts of traction. The game was just released recently so many have been making their way to the experience to get to grips with what it all is like. Many players will be searching for information about how to gather certain resources and one of those resources will be palm wood. This guide article will take you through everything you need to know about how to get palm wood in Dinkum.

Getting Palm Wood in Dinkum

The process of actually getting palm wood is extremely simple when you have everything needed to start gathering the resource. However, there are a few pre-requisite things that you will have to make sure you have collected beforehand. First, you will need to get an axe, this can be acquired from one of the NPC’s named ‘John’. It will cost you 1200 Dinks so make sure you have enough with you. After that, you will need to also have a ‘Logging License’ before you can start chopping down the trees for that wood that you need. This will cost you 250 permit points and you can get it from Fletch.

When you have both of those, you can now begin gathering Palm Wood easy as anything. Around the area you will be able to find palm trees and all you have to do is cut down the palm trees with the axe. They will give you some palm wood that you will be able to utilize in the way that you want to. As long as you have both the axe and the logging permit you will be gathering this type of resource throughout the game in no time!

Dinkum is available now and is playable for PC.

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