How to Get Plumes of Purifying Light in Genshin Impact

How can you get these glowing orbs?

by Christian Bognar
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Have you seen some golden gold orbs around the map of Genshin Impact lately? These golden orbs are called “Plume of Purifying Light,” and players must collect all 36 of them to complete the offerings for the Amrita Pool. Finding them is the simple part, but picking them up is more challenging as there are a few steps to complete. Here is how you can get Plumes of Purifying Light in Genshin Impact.

Steps to Get Plumes of Purifying Light in Genshin Impact

These Plumes of Purifying Light can be found in the Girdle of Sands region in Sumeru’s desert area. To pick them up, players must use the Sorush gadget—activated by the gadget button. If you have yet to find the Sorush gadget, no worries, we’ve got you covered on how to obtain it.

How to Get and Use the Sorush Gadget

Players must complete the World Quest called “The Splendorous Sky That Day.” This quest is the first step in the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest chain, located in the same region where you can find the Plumes of Purifying Light—the Girdle of Sands. Once this quest is completed, players will be rewarded with the Sorush gadget.

Once you have acquired the Sorush Gadget, you can start picking up the Plumes of Purifying Light around the Girdle of Sands region. They are easy to spot as they look like glowing yellow orbs—and once you have one in sight, activate your Sorush Gadget by equipping it and pressing Z on the keyboard if playing on a PC. For PlayStation, your Gadget can be used by pressing L1 + the button you assign the Gadget to.

Activate Sorush and use it to interact with the Plume by using Sorush’s elemental Skill according to a button prompt that appears, which will start a mini-game! Collect Plume fragments in the time limit shown during this mini-game to collect the Plume of Purifying Light officially.

The first 30 Plumes of Purifying Light will only show on your mini-map of the Girdle of Sands region when you get close to them, so keep your eye on the map. After you collect 30, the Amrita Pool will offer you a blessing that reveals the location of the the rest.

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How to use Plumes of Purifying Light

Once all 36 of these Plumes have been found, bring all of them to the Amrita Pool. Head up to the pool and press the button prompt that appears to interact with it and offer up the Plumes of Purifying light. Doing so will grant you rewards and blessings. Remember—after you collect 30, the Amrita Pool will offer you a blessing that reveals the location of the last six.

- This article was updated on April 12th, 2023

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