How to Get Refunds for Google Stadia Games, Pro Memberships, and Hardware

Everything you need to know about getting refunded for your Stadia purchases.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell


We have all the details you need on how to get refunds for Google Stadia games, pro memberships, and hardware.

How to Get Refunds for Stadia Games, Pro Memberships, and Hardware

The short answer is that you don’t need to do anything now.

Google will automatically refund using your valid payment information for items purchased directly from Google’s online store or Stadia storefront. They hope to have all refunds completed by mid-January.

The following items are eligible for refunds:

  • Games
  • DLC
  • Stadia Controller
  • Stadia – Founder Edition
  • Stadia – Premiere Edition
  • Play and Watch with Google TV Package

You will receive an email from Google asking you to provide valid payment information if you no longer have a payment method on file. We recommend that you make sure your payment information is up-to-date to prevent delays in receiving your refund.

Keep reading for details about Stadia shutting down and how to get your eligible refunds.

How Much Will My Refund Be?

You will want to check your purchase history in the Google online store.

You will want to check your purchase history in the Stadia store.

Your purchases made through both stores will most likely be what you are refunded.

Stadia Games

Stadia Games and DLC purchased from the Stadia Store are eligible for a refund.

Game Saves

You can keep your current game progress if the game offers cross progression play. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t, there isn’t anything you can do.

Pro Membership

You may have noticed that the Stadia Pro membership is not on the above list. Unfortunately, you will not get a refund for having a pro membership at any point in time.

However, if you hold an active Pro membership subscription as of September 29, 2022, you will get to use it for free until Google shuts down the Stadia servers on January 18, 2023.


Only hardware purchased directly from Google’s online store is eligible for refunds.

Any hardware purchased from a retail chain like Best Buy or a physical Google store is not eligible.

You do not need to ship or return the hardware to receive your refund.

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