How to Get the Draw and Sheathe Emotes in Final Fantasy XIV

Getting the new emotes!

by Gordon Bicker


Final Fantasy XIV has players returning with great excitement to delve into all of the new 6.1 patch content. Of course, with the new content arrives a myriad of new cosmetics and other items to enjoy. Some of these are new emotes that you will be able to enjoy. the emotes are the Sheathe and Draw emotes which will allow you to display that towards whatever you may want to! This guide article will take you through the process of how to get the new FFXIV emotes.

How To Get The New FFXIV Emotes

In order to get the ‘Draw’ and ‘Sheathe’ emotes you will simply have to make your way to the Gold Saucer and talk to one of the prize/attendants there. Close to the right/east side of the center roulette, you will find the attendant you are looking for. The new emotes will be within their stock.


You will need to buy the ‘Ballroom Etiquette — Forearmed Is Well Armed’ for the Draw emote which will cost you 100,000 MGP and then for the Sheathe emote you will find that with the ‘Ballroom Etiquette — Easily at Ease’ for another 100,000 MGP. Furthermore, in order to find the emote’s quicker, at the top of the purchasing menu you can activate the filter to only show the recently added items. This will show everything that arrived with Patch 6.1 for this attendant!

In order to gain the MGP needed you can take part in various activities around the Golden Saucer and you will be earning the MGP you need for the items in no time! Once you have the emotes, you can then use them from the emote menu and use them anytime you’d like, whether that’s during a dungeon or in another place.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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