How to Get The Eren Jaeger Skin in Fortnite [Plus All Attack on Titan Cosmetics]

To you, 950 V-Bucks from now.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Eren ODM Attack on Titan Fortnite Mega
Image: Epic Games

Joining anime goliaths such as Goku and Naruto in Fortnite is Eren Jaeger from the global phenomenon Attack on Titan. Unlike his fellow shonen heroes, however, Eren can’t be bought in the Item Shop and instead has to be earned.

This guide contains everything you need to know to play as Eren in Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two (Mega) and earn his exclusive Attack on Titanthemed cosmetics, including a Scout Regiment Salute emote and Regiment Gear wrap.

How to Get Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan in Fortnite

Eren Yeager/Jaeger and other Attack on Titan cosmetics are included in the Fortnite Chapter Four, Season Two Battle Pass, which can be purchased in-game for 950 V-Bucks.

Eren‘s skin and the first set of Attack on Titan cosmetics will be obtainable in Fortnite on April 15. 2023. Each reward will be attached to a themed quest, much like Geralt in Chapter One.

The Fortnite community has dubbed these extra Battle Pass skins “secret skins” due to the bygone tradition of being unrevealed at the beginning of a season. Previous secret skins include crossover characters such as Aquaman, Deadpool, Predator, and Wolverine — alongside original characters typically tied to Fortnite’s lore.

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All Attack on Titan Cosmetics in Fortnite Mega

  • Eren-Jaeger-Fortnite
  • Titan-Strike-Fortnite
  • Eren-Basement-Key-Fortnite
  • Scout-Regiment-Salute-Fortnite
  • Regiment-Gear-Wrap-Fortnite
  • Attack-on-Titan-banner-icon-Fortnite
  • Determined-Eren-Fortnite-Emote
  • Erens-Faceoff-Fortnite
  • Eren Jaeger [Outfit] — A skin based on Eren’s time in the Survey Corps with a selectable hooded style. Note: Fortnite uses the ‘Jaeger’ spelling as opposed to ‘Yeager’ due to the North American spelling present in the anime.
  • Titan Strike [Harvesting Tool] — A crystalized titan fist on a stick. What more could you want?
  • Scout Regiment Salute [Emote] — The iconic salute performed by members of the Scout Regiment.
  • Basement Key [Back Bling] — The ever-important key Eren’s father handed to him.
  • Regiment Gear [Wrap] — A weapon wrap fashioned after the Scout Regiment‘s uniform.
  • Training Corps Banner Icon [Banner Icon] — The Training Corps insignia adorned by Eren and his fellow soldiers as recruits.
  • Determined Eren [Emote] — A very angry Eren emoticon.
  • Eren’s Faceoff [Spray] — A spray inspired by Attack on Titan‘s iconic season one poster.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023

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