How to Get the Flipendo Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Today we will be learning the Knockback Jinx–an excellent spell for pushing things out of the way!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to get the Flipendo Spell in Hogwarts Legacy? It is a handy spell that can be used against enemies and objects. The Flipendo spell might sound familiar to you, but it goes by a different name in the original Harry Potter series. In it, we see the students learning a spell called the Knockback Jinx, the same as the Flipendo Spell in Hogwarts Legacy. We even see the spell in action when Remis Lupin uses it against Harry Potter in The Deathly Hollows. So then, how do you go about earning this spell? Here is everything you need to know about earning the Flipendo Spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Learn the Flipendo Spell in Hogwarts Legacy


You can earn the Flipendo spell by completing Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Here are the two quest objectives given to you by Professor Garlick:

  1. Grow and harvest Fluxweed
  2. Acquire all three combat plants and use them simultaneously

Once completed, you will then need to return to Professor Garlick, and she will teach you how to use the Flipendo spell as a reward.

Here are the full quest details:

  • Quest Location: Greenhouses
  • Quest Giver: Professor Garlick
  • Required Quest Level: Level 16
  • Quest Pre-Requirement: Having Finished Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1
  • Reward: Flipendo Spell and 150 Experience

Tips for Completing Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

The easiest way to get all three combat plants is to purchase their respective seeds at the Dogweed and Deathcap store in Hogsmeade:

  • Chinese Chomping Cabbage Seed: 600
  • Mandrake Seed: 800
  • Venomous Tentacula Seed: 1050

The easiest way to obtain Fluxweed Stem Seed is to purchase it at The Magic Neep shop in Hogsmeade:

  • Fluxweed Stem Seed: 150

After you get the seeds, you will then need to purchase the following potting tables from the Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade:

  • 1 x Potting Table with a Large Pot Spellcraft: 1,000

Head back to the Room of Requirement and place the Large potting table you just bought. Plant the Fluxweed in it and wait for it to grow. After that, repeat the process for all three combat plants. Finally, all you need to do is equip each combat flower and cast them into the open world.

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- This article was updated on February 8th, 2023