How to Get the Honda Civic Type R in Rocket League

The hottest of hatches.

by Elliott Gatica


The Honda Civic Type R has just dropped in Rocket League and players are definitely going to want to figure out how to get the iconic hot hatch. As we just started Season 8, there is some time to get your hands on this vehicle, so here’s how to do that.

How to Get the Honda Civic Type R in Rocket League

This car is available in the premium version of the Rocket Pass. It’s a Tier 1 and Tier 35 reward so you can get two variants of it for further customization. The original car is the Tier 1 reward while the Type R-LE is the 35 reward. There are also decals, wheels, and light-up trimmings to customize these vehicles as you progress further into the Rocket Pass.

Since the season just came out, you have from now until December 7, 2022 to earn your way towards these iconic vehicles. You can opt to get the regular Rocket Pass Premium which costs 1,000 credits or the Rocket Pass Premium bundle which comes with 12 tier skips for 2,000 credits.

If you get the Premium bundle, you’ll instantly unlock the regular Civic Type R and can get to customizing it and using it in-game right away. You’ll still be a bit away until you can get the Type R-LE.

What you can do to get that particular body faster is by completing the weekly and seasonal challenges. You’ll want to focus more on the challenges that reward you with tons of XP, although the Rare, Very Rare, and Import Drops can be worth it too!

As Season 8 progresses, you’ll also have more seasonal challenges unlocked over time. This means that you’ll have even more XP to earn and quickly go beyond 35 and hit 100 to get everything for this Rocket Pass.

Rocket League is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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