How to Get the Lightfall Campaign Skip Boost in Destiny 2

To skip or not to skip is the question!

by Amitesh Dhar
Image: Bungie

With the arrival of the new expansion, the Lightfall campaign skip boost has also gone live in Destiny 2. Campaigns are usually long and tedious so it’s understandable when players don’t want to complete the expansion on all three characters. During such situations, the aforementioned boost comes in handy. But is the boost actually worth it?

Is the Lightfall Campaign Skip Boost Worth it?

The Destiny 2 community has been asking for a way to skip campaigns for a while and the developers have delivered. The campaign skip boost is available only to players who have completed the campaign on their main character. For the price of 2000 Silver, players who purchase this boost will unlock Strand and will receive one gear set of high power level, provided their main character has hit the soft power cap.

But here’s the catch: using the Lightfall campaign skip boost doesn’t mean that you’ve completed the campaign. Not only that, you won’t be getting any rewards that are associated with completing the campaign either. If you want the triumphs, you will have to sit through all the missions and complete them one by one.

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This is the reason why the idea of a campaign skip boost falls flat on its face. For the price, just unlocking Strand and gaining some high-power gear barely amount to anything. If you have to pay to skip, and then play to claim all triumphs and associated rewards, then you might as well avoid buying this boost altogether. Although the community has spoken about this since its reveal, there’s a high chance people will pay for it anyway.

What About the Character Boost in Lightfall?

Apart from the Lightfall campaign skip boost, Bungie has announced yet another boost, known as the Character Boost. If you purchase this boost, you will receive a gear of high power level only provided you’ve hit soft cap on that very character. This is cheaper than the other boost, but it doesn’t have that attractive factor to it. With the changes that the developers have made to the game, it’s not that difficult to level up a character quickly in Destiny 2. However, the decision is for the players to make. Those who want to buy these boosts can do so from the in-game store itself.

- This article was updated on March 1st, 2023